Misconceptions about Jihaad by Dr Murtaza Baksh (Audio/Urdu-Eng)

Part 01:

Uploaded by on 12 Dec 2011

“Misconception # 1: It is permissible to kill yourself in a suicide attack according to the verse of the Qura’an 9:111.”

This will be a series of Misconception about Jihaad. It will have both original Urdu audio; speaker being Dr Murtaza Baksh (Hafidhahu Allaah), and english translation done by me (). I will point out from where the english translation starts IN SHA ALLAAH. There are almost 80+ misconceptions that Dr Murtaza Baksh have spoken about in his series of lectures about Jihaad according to Salafi Manhaj. may Allaah keep us firm on the creed and manhaj of the Salaf until our death ameeen

Part 02:

Misconception # 2: “The hadith about the boy, the king and the sorcerer (which is in Sahih Muslim) is a proof that suicide attacks are permissible since the boy committed suicide.”

The english translation starts from 25:10 onwards.