5 Lecture Special – Dr Murtaza bin Baksh [Audio|Urdu]

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

5 Lecture Special

Dr Murtaza bin Baksh حفظه الله تعالى

Recently one of our brothers حفظه الله تعالى came to me and suggested that we produce a CD that could be distributed to the masses, but with a difference.  He mentioned that often we make a mistake a grave mistake when giving da’wah for audio purposes to the masses.

The Theory                                                                       

He said from his experience when we give a series of lectures most people may listen to 1, 2 or even 3 lectures at the most and that would be it.  The CD would neither be passed on to anyone or even worse never be listened to again.  This is not the case in all situations but he said this was the situation in most of the cases he had come across.

The Solution

He suggested that we get a CD together that contains no more than 5 lectures, selected specifically for the purpose of giving an individual maximum benefit during their listening time for each lecture.

The Thought Process

I started to look through my Urdu collection of the lectures of Dr Murtaza bin Baksh حفظه الله تعالى, purely due to the fact that I have personally recorded (most of) them and the quality is generally better than the average Urdu lecture.

How does it Work

I give you 5 titles in a particular order.

What you have to do is to decide how many lectures you want to put on a single CD to distribute in your community based upon your experience.

My suggestion is as follows (only a suggestion):

  • If you decide to distribute a CD with 1 lecture then select lecture no. 1.
  • If you decide to distribute a CD with 2 lectures then select lectures no. 1 and 2. 
  • If you decide to distribute a CD with 3 lectures then select lectures no. 1, 2 and 3.

I guess you should understand how it works by now!

The Reasoning Behind my Choice

These lectures have been put in to a particular order for a reason.  We start with Tawheed and your life ends with death.  When and if you decide to put these titles on a CD in the recommended order.  Immediately, the titles shouldإن شاء الله  start a thought process within that individual.

Testing of the Theory

I have given out about 20 copies of this 5 lecture CD  to a selected group of brothers and have had very positive feedback from them all.

Taking this feedback in to account.  In the coming weeks we (here in Jeddah)تعالى  بأذن الله  will start producing and distributing this CD and distributing it to the masses إن شاء الله.

How do you Fit in to all of this

Why don’t you produce and distribute some CD’s like this in your community!

I give you permission to distribute the lectures freely, but with 2 conditions:

1:  There is a reference on the CD back to www.ashabulhadith.com (the Official Website of Dr Murtaza bin Baksh حفظه الله تعالى) in a reasonable size font (no size 4 game playing please, Allah is watching you and this is an Amaanah (trust) and the Muslims are not treacherous people).

2:  If you charge a fee for the CD, then it is only a nominal charge to cover the cost of production.

That is it!

Test before you Distribute

Why don’t you listen to some if not all of the lectures (in order of numbering) before producing the CD and see what you think.

If you decide to do this exercise, I would appreciate it if you could give me some feedback with regard the reaction of the people to it.

The reason being that I will إن شاء الله be making a suggestion for another 5 lecture CD in the very near future إن شاء الله.


Global Distribution of this Da’wah

There are a lot of people doing things on an individual basis (may Allah bless them in their noble efforts).  Lets make the spreading of this da’wah a global effort.  This da’wah does not spread on its own it needs people to work together, to support and aid each other upon goodness and this is an excellent way of us coming together for the purpose of aiding each other in the speading of this blessed da’wah all over the world.

Why stop at Urdu CD’s, what about other languages?  There is nothing to stop us from spreading this to other languages.

Travel the World with this Da’wah

To take it one step further, if you are planning to go to countries where the people understand Urdu then take some CD’s with you and spread the da’wah amongst friends and family and even strangers.

Remember, it is upon you to convey this religion based upon correct knowledge and understanding and Allah سبحانه وتعالى  will إن شاء الله guide the people if He chooses to do so.

Get things Rolling with your Family

Start by getting your priorities right.  Give the CD’s (or audio links) to your family members, parents, brothers, sisters, grandparents, uncles, aunties and so on.

May Allah keep us sincere in our efforts to earn Hisسبحانه وتعالى  pleasure آمين

Now, I guess you are waiting for the titles.  Here they are with their respected download links:

1 – The Statement of Tawheed – 01-09-1433 – Dr Murtaza Baksh – [Download Mp3]

2 – Preserving the Religion – 05-11-1433 – Dr Murtaza bin Baksh – [Download Mp3]

3 – Giving Advice – It’s Importance – 25-07-1433 – Dr Murtaza Baksh – [Download Mp3]

4 – Before Death – Dr Murtaza bin Baksh – [Download Mp3]

5 – My Last Day – Judgment Day – 08-02-1434 – Dr Murtaza bin Baksh – [Download Mp3]

So what are you waiting for?!

Don’t leave off till tomorrow what you can do today!  You can listen to a lecture or two and see what you think.

Every journey starts with the first step.  So start walking in the right direction and if you able to do so, start getting it out to the people.

If you don’t have the means to produce the CD’s (may Allah make things easy for us all, ameen!) then the least you can do it to forward this email to others so that they can have the opportunity to download and benefit from these lectures.  This gives us all the opportunity to get involved and you never know how far this may go. One email can travel the world and you will be responsible for originally conveying that message.

The Example: From the UK to Germany via Kuwait

Our Shaykh Abu ‘Uthmaan Muhammad al-Anjaree حفظه الله تعالى from Kuwait delivered lecture on his first visit to the UK titled:  “Who are the Salafis” a very famous lecture, was the first of its kind in the UK exposing many people in the 90’s to the beauty and clarity of the Da’wah-tus-Salafiyyah.

I remember Abu Khadeejah حفظه الله تعالى narrating that Shaykh al-Anjaree حفظه الله تعالى was at a petrol station in Germany and the attendant asked him where he was from.  The Shaykh replied that he was from Kuwait. The attendant asked him if he knew Muhammad al-Anjaree from Kuwait.  The Shaykh didn’t say anything.  The attendant went on to mention that he had heard the above referenced lecture and recommended Shaykh al-Anjaree to him.

Shaykh al-Anjaree mentioned that he was amazed at how this lecture had reached Germany…

The point being, in these days the Allah has facilitated for us to be able to spread this message quickly across the world.

So look through your contacts بارك الله فيك and start forwarding this message to those that could إن شاء الله benefit and you will إن شاء الله benefit from it too.

I just realised how long this email has become سبحان الله

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