‘Mawlid an-Nabawee’ or ‘Milad-un-Nabee’ – Dr Murtaza bin Baksh [Audio|Urdu]

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

After the lecture on Friday (6th Safar 1434), I asked Dr Murtaza bin Baksh (حفظه الله تعالىif he could give some naseehah to the people with regards to the issue of Mawlid an-Nabawee or Milad-un-Nabee (as it is known in the Indo/Pak Sub-Continent).

One of the brothers asked if the following Jumu’ah would take place before that day that is allocated for this occasion.  I informed him that it wouldn’t. Then Dr Murtaza bin Baksh (حفظه الله تعالىsaid he would talk about it for about 10 minutes.

He didn’t, rather he talked about it for nearly 17 minutes.  Here is my recording of that clarification on this issue.

What he does is give some guiding principles.

Be sincere in your seeking to be upon clarity.  Listen these principles, understand them. Look at this practice and see if it fits those guiding principles (that can all be found in the religion of al-Islaam).

—Dr. Murtaza bin Baksh (حفظه الله تعالىimmensely for clarifying this issue.

أبو بلال نعيم إبن عبد المجيد

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