Dawrah on the book ‘Conditions of the Salaah’ – Murtaza Baksh [Urdu]


Dawrah on the book ‘Conditions of the Salaah’ by Imaam Muhammed bin AbdulWahaab رحمه الله

Explained by: Dr. Murtaza bin Baksh حفظه الله

Date: Friday 22/6/1436 (10/4/2015) In sha Allah.

Timing: After Fajr salaah 6:00am till 10:30 am

Live broadcast @ www.ashabulhadith.com/live

Venue: Masjid Filasteen (Near Al-Manaraat School) Al Rehab District, Jeddah.

Location on Google Maps: http://maps.google.com/?cid=4511268931559910671&hl=en&gl=us

You are all invited to attend. Kindly confirm your attendance through ‘Registration Form’

link :http://bit.ly/1EXteGl

Please register your details before 10 pm   Wednesday 8th April 2015

Special arrangement for ladies.

Book will be given out on Thursday, strictly on a first come first serve basis at the  Dawah Center venue of the regular classes. For online attending people download (PDF 1.9 MB) link available on the Registration form

Tea / snacks will be served

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Short Urdu Audio Announcement about the Dawrah by Dr Murtaza bin Baksh [hafidhahullah]   http://bit.ly/1IBh9V6

Post Courtesy: Abu Maria Junaid