Rectification is the Key to Success – Shaykh Badee Uddin Shah as-Sindee [Audio|Urdu]

“It was the year of ’86 or ’87. I had been taken to a conference by my grandfather (rahimahullah Ta’ala) who passed away a few weeks ago. As we sat waiting for the conference to continue I noticed a man sitting on the stage wearing a white thawb and a white scarf. One thing you couldn’t miss was the size of his beard, In these times the only beard I have seen to rival his is size is the beard of Shaykh al-Anjaree (hafidhullah Ta’ala). He sat patiently, listening to the other speakers as they got up to take their turns on the mic at the podium. Then his turn came. Instead of him getting up to take the mic at the podium, the mics were bought to him at the table. I sat there looking at this strange situation. He adjusted himself and started his lecture. Yesterday, i came across this same lecture once again and after some digital editing we present this lecture to you here. The Shaykh is none other than the great Muhaddith of Pakistan, Shaykh Badee Uddin Shah as-Sindee (rahimahullah Ta’ala) one of the 4 people the like of which Shaykh al-Albaanee said he had never met. The lecture is just as important today in its subject as it was nearly 30 years ago. May Allah have mercy upon the Shaykh and my late grandfather” – Aboo Bilal Nahim ibn Abd al Majid

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