Javed Ahmed Ghamdi – His Aqeedah, Manhaj & Ideology – Dr Murtaza bin Baksh [Audio|Urdu]

Not so long ago someone asked whether Dr. Murtaza bin Baksh [hafidhahullah Ta’ala] had delivered a lecture on an individual called Javed Ahmed Ghamdi [may Allah rectify his affair], we sent out a link to an MP4 video presentation that Dr. Murtaza bin Baksh [hafidhahullah Ta’ala] had delivered which can be found on his official website: www.ashabulhadith.com Here is a link to the source audio: http://ashabulhadith.com/refutations/Gahmidiyaat.mp4 What we have done is to take the MP4 and convert it to an MP3 audio format whilst (by the permission of Allah) making some small changes in order to improve the sound quality of the recording, and now make it available to you here, walhamdulillah. Finally, in would like to clarify that the title given to this lecture as what I deemed suitable for it. – Aboo Bilal Nahim ibn Abd al Majid

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The official website of Dr. Murtaza bin Baksh is: www.ashabulhadith.com

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