Questions Related To The Day Of Jumu’ah – Dr Murtaza bin Baksh [Audio|Urdu]

  • Is Praying allowed during the Khutbah
  • What Type of Sleep Nullifies the Wudoo
  • Joined the Prayer & Forgot to Recite al-Fatihah
  • The Prayer is being Established & he is Praying his Sunnah
  • On the Day of Jumu’ah, when is Soorah al-Kahf to be Recited
  • Are the Virtues of Coming to Jumu’ah also for the Women
  • Is it Permissible to Fast on the Day of Jumu’ah
  • Imaam makes Du’aa during the Khutbah, what should we do
  • The Adhaan is being given, should I Pray or wait

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