The Day Of Jumu’ah – Its Virtues – Dr Murtaza Bin Baksh [Audio|Urdu]

The below short Clips were extracted from the above lecture

  • 1 – Praying Salatul-Fajr in Jama’ah – Dr Murtaza bin Baksh
  • 2 – Sending Durood Upon the Prophet – Dr Murtaza bin Baksh
  • 3 – Recitation of Soorah al-Kahf  – Dr Murtaz bin Baksh
  • 4 – Making Preparation & Leaving for Jumu’ah Early, its Reward – Dr Murtaza bin Baksh
    • Making Ghusl
    • Going Early
    • Walking & not Riding a Riding Beast
    • Sitting close to the Imaam
    • Listen to the Khutbah in a Quiet & Attentive Manner – Dr Murtaz bin Baksh
  • 5 – The Prayer of Jumu’ah – Dr Murtaza bin Baksh
  • 6 – Time for the Acceptance of Du’aa – Dr Murtaza bin Baksh
  • 7 – The one who Dies on the Night or Day of Jumu’ah is saved from the Fitnah of the Grave – Dr Murtaza bin Baksh

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