In Ramadaan – Charity & Righteous Actions – Dr Murtaza bin Baksh [Audio|Urdu]

In Ramadaan – Charity & Righteous Actions – 05-09-1437 – Dr Murtaza bin Baksh

The following clips have been extracted from the lecture above:

  1. From the many Blessings of Allah is the Spreading of the Salahs
  2. An Opportunity to learn Tawheed & Following of the Sunnah
  3. Tawheed & Ikhlaas, it’s Connection to Ramadaan
  4. How to Earn Reward for giving Sadaqah in Ramadaan
  5. Given Hundreds of Thousands & NONE has been Accepted
  6. Even in Ramadaan, are your Ibadaat Truly for Allah ALONE
  7. Shirk NULLIFIES all Actions
  8. A Muwahid whose Sadaqat are not Accepted
  9. Working in a Bank even as a Security Guard is HARAAM, said Ibn Baaz
  10. From the Blessings of Allah is that He Rewards you for your Sadaqah [Highly Beneficial]


  1. Working for an IT Company that Works for a Bank
  2. Buying a Vehicle in Instalments
  3. Paying more in Instalments than for Cash

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