The Pure Words of Allah, their Status in our Hearts – Dr. Murtaza bin Baksh [Audio|Urdu]

Delivered on 04-02-1438

The below short Clips were extracted from the above lecture

  1. The Qur’ãn is not just for the Purpose of Beautification
  2. Placing the Qur’ãn in a High Place where it can’t be Reached
  3. Amulet, the Most Dangerous form of Utilising the Qurãn
  4. Giving the Qurãn its Rights, Decorate your Hearts with it
  5. What is the Status of the Qur’ãn within our Homes
  6. The Heart is the Actual Place of the Qur’ãn
  7. How to Beautify our Hearts with the Qur’ãn
  8. Ayãt-ul-Kursi is a Beautifier of our Actions
  9. Often, how do we Spend our Nights
  10. Knowledge Assists the Qur’ãn to Enter our Hearts
  11. If Allãh wants Khåir for you He Gives an Understanding
  12. A Treasury of Gems that will remain with You
  13. Start Learning your ‘Ãqeedah & Manhaj from al-Fãtihah
  14. What is our Way of Understanding the Religion
  15. If Memorisation & Recitation was Enough they would be upon Khãir
  16. Make a Start Today
  17. Using the Mobile, Look at what you Taught your Children
  18. When will we start Teaching what we’ve Learnt

Audio Courtesy: KSA_Dawah – Apply for group membership

Audio Courtesy: KSA_Dawah – Apply for group membership
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