The Different Types of Lying – Dr Murtaza bin Baksh [Audio|Urdu]

Delivered on 11-02-1438

The below short Clips were extracted from the above lecture

From the Least to the Most Serious:

1 – No intention, no reason, Lying to a Child
2 & 3 – Lies to make People Laugh or at someone’s Expense
4 – Lying Occasionally
5 – Making Lying a Habit
6 – Making it a Habit & Searching for its Opportunity
7 – Giving False Testimony
8 – Ruler Telling a Lie
9 – Scholars Lying
10 – Scholars Lying about Hadeeth
11 – Lying upon Allah
12 – The Biggest Lie – Associating Partners in Worship with Allah
Does our Life involve any Type of Lying?

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